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Automatic Email Manager

Automatic Email Manager has been providing us with creative routing and printing flexibility that no other product can match. We have been using this since Version 3, 2008. Version 5 has some great new features, including a new scheduling feature that allows us new options previously not available. Support is always highly responsive. A great value for a serious email management tool.

IT Manager - Bluewater Vacation Rentals - North Carolina - USA

What's new in this version 6?

 FASTER, BETTER, STRONGER: Version 6 is now available for everybody, you can install it on computer with any previous version side by side, there is an upgrade process to import data from version 5 to this latest version, at any moment you can uninstall version 6 and continue to use your version.
The upgrade process has been sent to you by email, if you can't find it please contact us to receive a copy ».
IMPORTANT: If you are using RSS and URL account from version 5, please do not upgrade, we removed these features.

New general features

  • A new user interface which let you see immediately the messages preview and failed actions.
  • New action and filter system which let you create much more. A filter is now applied to an action and no more to an account. You can have a lot of actions to an account, even same action like printing email to different printers at same time.
  • A great option for IMAP account to set email flag in server as read (Seen) or unread (Unseen) after process.
  • New advanced scheduler which let you define days and time during it is valid. For example check emails Monday between 9:00 and 10:00 and between 18:00 and 19:00.
  • A lot of new variables available in Stamp, backup, command line,...

New printing process

  • New internal PDF engine which is great and support ALL PDF
  • Added new fields to define the Print job name
  • Added a lot of new fields like %FILTER_NAME% to get the filter name if applied, %FILE_NUMBER% for backup attachment, %FILENAME_WITHOUT_EXTENSION%,...
  • Print attachments even in subfolder when a zip with folder is include
  • Manage attachment text and xml file directly
  • Print email to multiples printer at same time
  • Print email body and attachments in single job
  • When using receipt printer you can define the default font name and size

Filters improvments

  • White and Black emails list are directly in filter, you can add/remove email in list.
  • Use multilple keywords with operator AND/OR in fields.
  • New way filter is working: Applied now for each action and not for only account.
  • 3 new rules: Priority, Has attachment and email raw data (search in full email data including header and body).

And backup?

  • Backup email now you can choose the template when saving in pdf.
  • Backup attachments even in subfolder when a zip with folder is include.
  • Backup email and attachments in single PDF.
  • Backup email body in text file.
  • Backup attachment: Convert and merge in PDF attachment.

Sending email, something new?

  • You can add attachments (a file or full folder), even original email converted in PDF.
  • Support all fields process in the FROM/TO email.

Is it all? Nooooo...

  • Receive a daily report of messages received with actions applied.
  • You can set option to start Windows service automatically or not.
  • When a problem message appears application will continue to run automatically after 60 seconds.
  • Temp folder choice to store working emails in another drive.
  • ...

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